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Legal help against Google - Legal help needed for anti trust case against Google to destroy competition

Malware removal - Sophisticated malware removal help

Paypal India Scam - Help needed to end Paypal India scam

Human resources - Human resources help

Person tracer - Help needed to trace young scammer woman

Woman rights activist - Help from Woman rights activist needed

Plumber - for fixing plumbing problems

Computer technician - for fixing broken laptops

Email theft tracing - Tracing and tracking theft of emails, correspondence

Emailer - For sending emails to people

Phone tracker - For tracing diversion and theft of phone calls, smses

Letter sender - For sending letters to trace theft of postal mail

Human rights activist - For help to end human rights abuses

Psychologist - to understand hatred, jealousy and dishonesty

RTI activist - to followup with bangalore cybercrime

Radiation expert - to end misuse of directed energy weapons on harmless civilians

Data entry - Part time data entry jobs

Part time admin jobs - assistant for contacting people online and offline

Part time copy paste job

Part time marketing/sales jobs

Part time technical/IT/programming jobs

Part time legal jobs

Part time teaching jobs / faculty positions

Part time medical jobs

Part time accounting jobs

Part time investigator/detective

Part time job for housewives

Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is looking for housewives residing in the western suburbs who can work part time (between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm) for their expansion program. They have to work in the field and meet assigned doctors / chemists  within a radius of 3 km from their home and promote the company's products. Graduates in any discipline with Bio-sciences at HSC level will be eligible. Training will be provided. email : 

Mechanical draftsman with AutoCad knowledge needed on part time basis urgently, email:

Part time Training managers / Product demonstrators  - Full training provided. Should have experience in direct sales - high end products, good communication and presentation skills, preferably possess own transport, email:

Part time social worker wanted to work on health and education projects, email:

Part time software/programming jobs

Part time programmer with experience in Foxpro required, email:


Required Part time graphic designer by Ad agency in Vashi, email: 

Part time jobs for retired people

Law officer - Retired legal person with very good English communication skills required by a public Limited company at MIDC, Andheri for drafting/editing legal matters on the computer, email:

Many small companies prefer to hire highly qualified people on a part time basis, since they cannot afford to pay high salaries. They usually pay a monthly retainer and an additional amount on an hourly basis. The person hired is usually not eligible for benefits like PPF (Public Provident fund) and gratuity.

Disclaimer - Disclaimer

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