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Online detective for tracing email theft
Interested in hiring an online email detective to trace the theft of our emails, especially leads and orders. The person should pretend to be a customer for the various products which we are selling, and send a few emails which appear to be genuine enquiries, and record the replies received. We believe that a well connected gang has been stealing the leads and reselling them to others at a profit. If necessary, we can provide template emails which appear to be genuine enquiries, only a gmail, yahoo, hotmail account will be required, for sending the emails.
We will pay for each email sent, reply received, and also a percentage of the compensation we get if we are able to trace those responsible for email theft which is a cybercrime. Allegedly google, tata and other internet companies may be involved in the theft of emails, hence we may get large amounts as compensation for corporate espionage.

Minimum pay out Rs 50. Payment through money order/cheque/Worknhire. Please send an email with your resume to , or use the contact form

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