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Legal help for case against Google.

We have received an email from the competition commission of India regarding the unfair practises used by Google in India to destroy competition and the life of experienced webmasters. We are looking for legal help to get compensation for the following
1. Defamation without proof
2. Surveillance, sexual harassment and human rights abuses
3. Cheating, theft of savings
4. Protecting cheaters and frauds who have looted the webmaster, rewarding them with permanent government jobs
5. Instigating powerful officials to give fake references of experience, qualification, investment to their inexperienced, mediocre, lazy liar cheater girlfriends, to appoint them to permanent government jobs at the expense of the experienced webmaster.
6. Theft of correspondence, orders, leads making it difficult to earn a living.
7. Blocking of payment from indian and foreign customers.
8. Non approval and closure of accounts on various websites without a valid reason.
9. low ranking of websites despite having high quality content.
We are interested in contacting a lawyer, other webmasters, domain investors who are facing similar problems, to help us file a case, and would like to join in the case against google with competition commission of india.
Minimum pay out Rs 50. Payment through money order/cheque. Please send an email with your resume to , or use the contact form

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