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Malware removal help needed
Help needed to remove the unauthorised installation of a very sophisticated malware software by a young greedy lazy liar glamorous fraud medical electronics diploma holder from goa, siddhi mandrekar, in her early twenties, which allegedly saves a copy of every text document, on her server, using the wifi network available to the military, agencies or ntro to monitor all laptop activity, whenever anything will be typed and saved on the pen drive or laptop, she and her associates will be aware of the same, which amounts to data theft. Conventional malware removal tools cannot detect or remove the software. she was then allegedly given fake references of experience by powerful officials to appoint her to an important government job, in an intelligence agencies like ntro, raw, military intelligence, cbi .

Allegedly she was bribed for this act of corporate espionage by a powerful official who has been protecting her from facing punishment for her crime. She may have changed her name to avoid being punished for her crime. Anyone who can provide details of her current location will be rewarded, as large corporates may be involved, and have to pay a large amount as compensation for the corporate espionage, which allows her to steal data continuously without being detected or punished .

physical description of cheater siddhi mandrekar as she may have changed her name to avoid being punished for her CRIME guilty of corporate espionage
claimed to have a medical electronics diploma from father agnel verna, goa in 2012
5 ft 4 inches
claimed to have worked in gvk emri
wavy hair tied in a pony tail to form a s
well proportioned sexy figure
wears jeans, figure hugging tshirts which highlight her figure
had pimples on her face when last spotted in january 2013
no morals, humanity or values
shameless liar
was involved in a scam in bangalore soon after completing her diploma
her relative who was a top retired official in the education department extracted her from the scam
however in the internet sector she has been allowed to run amok despite being guilty of corporate espionage, lies and cheating
paypal has been allegedly protecting and promoting the ruthless young criminal, as she comes from a very powerful family of intelligence ,

Payment through money order/cheque. Please send an email with your resume to , or use the contact form

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