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A single woman engineer and webmaster is looking for legal help to end a big paypal account scam in india . She has been a paypal customer since 2002, but allegedly paypal has been falsely claiming that a greedy lazy liar medical electronics diploma holder from goa in 2012 from father agnel, verna was their customer since 2002 . The single woman engineer continues to operate the paypal account alone, and even now there is no connection with the cheater diploma holder who claims to own the account.

The diploma holder who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar comes from a very powerful family, who are blackmailing the single vulnerable woman. She, has commited corporate espionage on the single woman engineer by betraying her trust. However, the diploma holder has been rewarded for the fraud with an important government job, which the victim of her fraud deserved. Now the single woman engineer, a fraud victim, finds that many of her Paypal payments are blocked or greatly delayed, resulting in wastage of time and financial losses allegedly by the conwoman diploma holder

Allegedly Paypal is falsely claiming that the lazy young frauds siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree hathwar, sunaina and other women weretheir customer since 2002, when the single woman who was duped by siddhi , nayanshree, was actually the paypal customer and this has been allegedly used to justify her appointment to a very important government job at the expense of the real paypal account holder.

Paypal's claim promoting the liar cheater siddhi are blatantly false, since the fraud siddhi would have not been even eligible to open a paypal account in 2002, as she would be below 15 years in age, if her academic records or even election id proof are considered. If the problem persists and paypal insists on giving credit to the fraud , we would also like medical tests to be conducted on the diploma holder to prove the real age of the diploma holder to prove that she has fraudulently got the position, as she would have never been able to legally open a paypal account in 2002. It can be proved that other young women given privileges and given government jobs are involved in a similar fraud, it would not be possible for them to legally open the Paypal account they falsely claim to own, which was opened in 2002.

However, these women are extremely greedy cruel dishonest lazy liars and continue to retain the position they have fraudulently cheated their way to. We want to force these dishonest women to resign, as they are abusing their powers to attack in panaji, goa, causing health problems, causing financial scams, stealing our correspondence, and have cheated us of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, with bangalore cybercrime refusing to take action against the fraud nayanshree hathwar,

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