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Looking for a detective to trace a young medical electronics diploma holder from father agnel, goa, 2012 who gave her name as siddhi mandrekarm who has commited corporate espionage, Instead of being punished for the fraud which any normal citizen of India would have been punished , she has been allegedly appointed to an important government job, because of her very powerful friends and relatives with fake references of experience , which her victim had. Allegedly she has changed her name, to avoid facing the consequences of her fraud and paying compensation to her victim

Her mother sufal claimed that she was from the nayak family in goa, from reis magos, verem which was very honest and respectable, yet we want to ask her family what is very honesrtb about their daughters behaviorm, why their daughter
1. committed corporate espionage on a person who trusted her
2. why her daughter does not have to be punished for her CRIME
3. why her daughter wants fake references for experience, qualification she does not have
4. why she continues at a government job with fake references of experience, qualification, cheating both the government of india and the person whose experience, she has faked
5. why she steals emails, phone calls and smses of the experienced engineer who trusted her

Now the powerful nayak family is trying to cover up the great scam by their cheater relative siddhi, claiming that the webmaster was not alert, actually the webmaster made the mistake of trusting their liar daughter siddhi, who claimed that she wanted to work at home. In front of the webmaster, their liar daughter siddhi mandrekar, inserted the pen drive in the laptop. In engineering people are honest as fraud can be the end of a career, she did not know that liar siddhi had been bribed by someone to inject malware. Unfortunately google, tata, paypal and othe internet companies allegedly are protecting, supporting and encouraging the scammer, promoting the fraud as a sign of leadership.

She and her associates are also falsely claiming that she is involved in our business, without doing anything, except corporate espionage, to get great powers and privileges at the expense of the business owner who she duped, when there is no connection, except that we would like to take legal action against her for her fraud. Allegedly her powerful friends and relatives are routing our internet connection through her, making it difficult to connect to internet, wasting time.

Our important correspondence has also been stolen ever since she has been fraudulently appointed, our payment has been blocked for many websites, and account does not get approved. names may have changed

Payment through money order/cheque. Please send an email with your resume to , or use the contact form

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