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Need help to file a sexual harassment case against powerful officials and others of a harmless civilian , a single woman engineer, unwanted interference in her life,
1. defamation without proof, out of jealousy, hatred, and arrogance
2. surveillance for more than 4 years to find proof to support their defamatory allegation, leakage of confidential information
3. hacking of her laptop/mobile/pen drive to corrupt data
4. installing spy cams in her house without her permission, having neighbours spy on her, using infra red imaging on her home, without a valid reason except harassment.
5. circulating defamatory videos, making derogratory statements about her appearance after wasting tax payer money to track all her interactions with friends, relatives and business associates
6. stealing emails and other important correspondence , blocking payment
7. cheating and theft of retirement savings, wasting the money without her knowledge or permission,
8. misusing her experience, qualification and investment to get lucrative government jobs for their inexperienced mediocre girlfriends

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